Furnace Maintenance Schedules

Without the electrical and mechanical components inside the furnace working properly air flow could be a problem, coming from unmaintained fan motors, belts and bearings. Unmaintained electrical components can also cause heating failure. These issues can cause poor heating control and the furnace to overheat. Most homeowners know that an annual furnace service is highly recommended, but very few people take it seriously. Don’t wait until it is too late, and your furnace needs very costly repairs. With annual furnace maintenance, you can extend the life of your furnace by up to 50%. We can schedule your service and call you when it’s time to get it done each season. Everyone deserves a warm, comfortable, and safe home or workplace. Prevent your heating unit from breaking down, it can be a huge saving to your pocketbook.

Air Quality Improvements

Professional air quality installations are our area of expertise. Our on-site assessments provide business and homeowners with recommendations that protect the health of patrons and family members. We address issues caused by climate change and seasonal challenges like pollen blooms and dust for healthy living.

The following air quality systems can address health issues caused by many contaminants including mold, pollen and dust, fine smoke particulates, or crop-spraying drift:

Heating Installation, Repair and Maintenance

A heating breakdown in the middle of a cold season can be very stressful for homeowners and businesses. If your heating system should break down or stop working, it is important to have a trustworthy community-based company that is able to expertly perform heating repairs quickly, affordably, and effectively. Without any maintenance, a heating unit can breakdown. But with our qualified technicians, we will troubleshoot the problem and repair it. If repairing the heating unit is not an option, we will provide you with affordable solutions to remove the old heating unit and replacement it with a new heating unit.

Okanagan Gas Fitting Services

Natural gas is an economical option for home heating and appliances. These systems must be installed correctly by certified professionals. Our technicians are qualified to provide gas fitting services to customers in the Okanagan. We will ensure that your gas stove, barbeque and fireplace is working safely. The licensed professionals at Brown Mechanical Services are qualified to test and replace old defective equipment and install new appliances for your renovation or new build. Contact us to get a quote and discuss these and other options for residential and commercial heating.

Gas Fireplace Service and Maintenance

A good working fireplace should only produce a small amount of white sooting on the glass in the course of a year. If it is producing black soot then it is not burning correctly and needs to be checked. Sometimes it is as simple as an air intake being blocked, while other times it could be failing components.

Keeping the interior “dust-bunny-free” also prevents the fan motors from jamming and keeps the overall operation smooth and quiet.

Call on Brown Mechanical Services to help you keep your gas fireplaces in top running order. Our services include:

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